Less talk.

More TV.

8 in 10 Americans believe a brand should invest in products, not ads. We couldn’t agree more.

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America spoke.
Joel listened.

Tireless research and countless responses (well, 2500 to be exact) finally reveals what America really wants from an electronics manufacturer. Read the earth-shattering truth in the Hisense Brand Survey Report 2022.

Let's get real

America wants less talk and more TV


Think most advertising these days is nonsense


Believe a brand should invest in products not pretentious artsy advertisements

% v 4%

People look for great value over a brand's "purpose" when purchasing a new TV


Think there's way too much advertising these days (sorry about that!)

Why less talk
means more TV.

We let our technology do the
talking, not our ads.

Quantum Dot Color

One billion+ colors, we’ve counted


Blockbuster audio in your very own home

Google TV

The smartest, smoothest way to navigate your favorite shows

Full Array Local Dimming

Contrast managed in real time to give you brighter brights and darker darks

Variable Motion Refresh Rate

Refreshing the picture hundreds of times a second to give you a picture as smooth as butter

The Hisense

America, it’s time to get real. People don’t buy TVs to stare at the logo. They want to be dazzled by the picture, in awe of the sounds, and trust their new TV won’t ever let you down. That is why Hisense is proud to boast one of the smallest marketing budgets in our category - meaning more money invested in our products and not on pretentious, artsy advertising campaigns.

Sure, we may not be the biggest or the most well known but there’s one thing you can be sure of – Hisense will always strive to make the latest technologies available to all.

Joel McHale

Less Talk.
More Winning.

Answer the question and enter the draw to win a Hisense U6H 4K ULED TV.

What proportion of the American public believes a brand should invest in their products, not pretentious, artsy advertisements?

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