Hisense 75" Class U6 Series Mini-LED ULED 4K Google TV


Hisense 75" Class U6 Series Mini-LED ULED 4K Google TV

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Mini-LED, Maximum Value

Mini LED Showcase

Brighter Whites, Deeper Blacks

Experience the latest innovation in backlight technology. Mini-LED is big on details, showing you the stars in the night sky. Add in the Full Array Local Dimming Pro and every game, show and movie comes into crisp focus. Once you see the darkest darks, whitest whites, and brightest brights, there’s no going back.

QLED Showcase

Billion+ Shades of Vivid Color

See color like you’ve never seen it before. QLED Quantum Dot Technology, significantly broadens the range of color you perceive to create over a billion individual shades. So, you can soak up every wave of the Caribbean Sea and every brushstroke of the desert sunset.

Hi View Engine Showcase

Powerful AI Processing. Incredible Picture

Enhance the quality of your picture. The Hi-View Engine chipset is the brain behind your screen, processing the most dazzling imagery before your eyes. The AI chipset uses deep learning and other innovative technologies, like: Dynamic Tone Mapping and AI Detail Enhancement to continuously improve your viewing experience.

Ultra-smooth gaming, incredible response

Dolby Atmos Showcase

Step into the story with Dolby

Google TV Compatible

Entertainment you love. With a little help from Google.

U6N TV Sizes

Go Bigger-The Bigger, The Better

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