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Hi, we’re Hisense, a world-class technology company with a big family of products that bring excitement and joy to millions of people around the world.

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unapologetically amazing.

It's time to rethink TV, and for that matter, your walls. The 100" 4k Ultra HD smart laser tv explodes with color and gorgeous 4K resolution. Where giant LED screens have ugly, intrusive installation, the Hisense Laser TV's thin, lightweight, 100" screen hangs wirelessly, inconspicuously—elegantly. It doesn't require a specially darkened environment or messy equipment. The Hisense Laser TV will make you see your walls in a whole new light.

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feast your eyes on the ultimate.

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i screen, you screen.

We all screen for "Hi" screens. Get to know Hisense 4K TVs.

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appliances, too.

We're trying to think of a room in your house that you wouldn't put a Hisense appliance in, and we can't.

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Even though Hisense is one of the largest TV brands on the planet, with all kinds of stuff available in over 130 countries, it's possible you've never heard of us. But that's OK! Our TVs and appliances are going to rock your world, so let's hurry up and get acquainted.

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