Hisense Energy Star 50 Pint 3-Speeds Dehumidifier


Hisense Energy Star 50 Pint 3-Speeds Dehumidifier

Help keep your homeconveniently dry, fresh, and quiet

3-Speeds for the Perfect Humidity. Every Time.

Low Noise Airflow System

High-performance centrifugal fan ensures quiet operation at 46 dB(A) with the fan set on “Low”. Leave your dehumidifier running and rest, without being disturbed.

Energy Efficient

Our dehumidifier is Energy Star® certified, which means it’s more energy efficient. This helps to reduce utility costs, which in turn saves you money, while doing a small part to protect the environment.

Bucket Full Indicator Prevents Overflows

A full tank alert lets you know that your dehumidifier needs to be emptied or connected to a drain hose for continuous emptying.

Simple Controls

Simple manual control, along with very low level sounds make this a great choice to protect and remain comfortable in your home. 

3 Modes – Auto, Continuous, Manual 

3 Fan Speeds – High, Low, Auto.

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