Hisense 8000-BTU Window AC With Heat


Hisense 8000-BTU Window AC With Heat

convenient, cool andcomfortable.

8,000 BTU with Heat - Window Air Conditioner

Hisense AW0822DR1W Window Air Conditioner
Air Direction 4-way

The horizontal and vertical auto swing improve distribution of cooling, make you feel more comfortable. 3 cooling and fan speeds allow you to customize your cooling.
Sleep Mode

In order to give you the best sleep, my sleep function automatically adjusts the room temperature and will shut off the light of the unit.
More Effective Power

This 8,000 BTU cooling/4,000 BTU heating window air conditioner functions in any home or office; quickly cooling the room on hot days and warming on cool days. Its low sound functionality creates a relaxing and comfortable environment so that you can sleep soundly.
Simple Electronic Controls

Electronic controls, along with very low level sounds make this a great choice to remain comfortable in your home. Includes a Timer and Sleep Mode setting.
Washable Filter

With a quick rinse, you'll achieve maximum performance while saving time and money.

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