U6H Quantum 4K ULED Google Tv

Big on features, not on price

For those looking for premium features without the premium price tag, the U6 Series delivers. Upgrades like Google TV, far field voice, and screen sizes that span 50-75 inches, the U6H has something for everyone.

U7H Quantum 4K
ULED Google Tv

Great for gaming (and everything else)

Many people were - and still are - looking for a TV that’s fantastic on it’s own, but can also go beyond watching their favorite shows and movies to also support an equally great gaming experience. The U7 Series wowed gamers in 2021 with its impressive feature set, performance, and price. This year, the U7H keeps all the major elements for gamers like Game Mode Pro, HDMI 2.1, ALLM, and VRR, but also gets a Google TV upgrade and integrated ATSC 3.0 for even more options beyond gaming to make an excellent option for gamers and non-gamers alike.

U8H Quantum 4K ULED
Mini-LED Google Tv

Best all-around

Our most award winning TV is getting even better. Major upgrades like Mini LED, Google TV, increased brightness, better contrast, and a wider range of screen sizes reaching up to 75-inches - all under $1500 - will make the U8H a tough value to beat in 2022.

U9H Quantum 4K ULED
Mini-LED Google Tv

Impressive picture quality

With stunning HDR performance with a bright picture, impressive colors, and excellent contrast, the Hisense U9H is the perfect choice. With major upgrades like Mini LED featuring Hisense’s ULED technology, and the Google TV operating system, this TV excels at delivering the perfect picture.

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