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gorgeous. versatile.
unapologetically amazing.

It’s time to rethink TV, and for that matter, your walls. The 100" Hisense Laser TV explodes with color and gorgeous 4K resolution. Where giant LED screens have ugly, intrusive installation, the Hisense Laser TV’s thin, lightweight, 100" screen hangs wirelessly, inconspicuously—elegantly. It doesn’t require a specially darkened environment or messy equipment. The Hisense Laser TV will make you see your walls in a whole new light.

With incredible laser technology, 4K Ultra HD resolution and 4K upscaling, the Hisense Laser TV is the TV you’ve been waiting for. Add harman/kardon® sound, a TV tuner, WIFI and tons of built-in apps, and the Hisense Laser TV is unapologetically amazing at an unbeatable value. In short, it makes all other TVs look like prima donnas.

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premium motion

take it up a notch. or four.

By analyzing and upgrading any under-4K UHD image in real time, your Hisense Laser TV gives you near-4K picture quality with more details, regardless of the content’s source. Multiply that by 100 diagonal inches of screen and you really won’t believe your eyes.

premium color

beautiful, pure and natural colors.

A wide color spectrum gives you beautiful, pure and natural colors.

premium contrast

crazy-good contrast, color and detail.

Gives you incredible contrast, more color and finer detail; you get whiter whites, deeper blacks and tons of detail in dark scenes. You might think that 8 million pixels spread out over a 100" screen isn’t a big deal, but you would be wrong.

premium motion

no blur, no stutter, no problem.

Renders images faster than LED TVs. Smooth Motion Plus gives you super-smooth, clear images in fast action scenes and sports. Better than an LED TV of the same size, you simply will not get a better experience with fast motion.

premium smart

A+ smarts.

Of course, with all this incredible display technology, we hooked you up with some incredible smarts as well. A built-in TV tuner and WIFI give you immediate access to over-the-air content—with no set-top box necessary. The customizable interface puts built-in apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, Pandora, TikiLIVE, YouTube and others right at your fingertips.

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