Meet the L9G TriChroma Laser TV. Inspired by a world of incredible color. A true feast for your eyes at a scale that makes everything feel brand new.

From $5,499
Meet the L9G TriChroma Laser TV. Inspired by a world of incredible color. A true feast for your eyes at a scale that makes everything feel brand new.
From $5,499
3 Pure-Color Lasers.
Experience color like never before. The L9G uses pure red, green, and blue lasers to achieve new levels of color performance, reaching 107% of the BT.2020 color space.
107% BT.2020 Color Space
1+ Billion colors
3000 Lumens of Brightness
3000 Lumens. That’s right, the L9G shines with brilliance so all your HDR content hits those shimmering highlights, bold colors, and voluminous blacks that make everything pop off the screen.
Dynamic Range
Native Refresh Rate
Have a healthy heap
of buttery - smooth motion.
man skiing blurred
man skiing
With microsecond level-processor response and MEMC technology the L9G ensures you never miss a moment of the action. Images are buttery-smooth and crystal clear - so whether its sports, games, or action films, the L9G is gonna give you the picture you deserve.
Massive 100" or 120" Screen
100 inch
120 inch
At mere inches from the wall, the 100L9G casts a massive 100 inch projection in beautiful 4K resolution -that’s 2.5x more screen than a 65 inch TV.
Positioned just a couple more inches away the 120L9G gives you an even bigger 120" image. At nearly 4x the size of a 65" TV, the 120" screen fills your field of view.
Ambient Light Rejecting Screen
A perfectly paired ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen means you don’t have to kill the lights to get a killer picture. Depending on where in your home you’ll place the Laser TV, we’ve got different screen options - so take a look.
Daylight Screen
Cinema Screen
daylight image
cinema image
ALR Daylight Screen
Best in bright, airy rooms with lots of space and lots of light. The ALR Daylight Screen creates a picture that looks a lot like a flat panel TV. The DLT100B screen features a scratch-resistant surface for worry-free usage in high-traffic rooms. Screen assembly is required.
Screen Gain
ALR Cinema Screen
Best in dedicated media rooms, man caves, and light controlled spaces, the ALR Cinema Screen produces beautiful colors over wide viewing angles. With a flat packed design, screen assembly is required but the payoff is well worth it.
Screen Gain
150 °
Viewing Angle
Dolby Vision
Dolby Vision
Dolby Vision is a next-level HDR format that optimizes every scene on every screen. This high-dynamic range technology gives you amazing color and contrast, so you can discover even more detail in bright and dark scenes. This is entertainment without compromise.
*Coming via Firmware update, Summer 2022.
40W Dolby Atmos® Sound
With built-in 40W Dolby Atmos® sound, the L9G is a big soundstage upgrade over those teeny speakers in your last TV. Get clear speech, crisp highs, and booming lows without having to invest in any extra gear.
For the true audiophiles, high-speed HDMI with eARC support allow for full pass-thru of high-bitrate audio to your surround sound system. And for those that want the convenience of a soundbar and the performance of a true home theater, the L9G is WiSA Ready so you can hook up your multi-channel wireless surround sound system.
Dolby Atmos® Sound
High-Speed HDMI
with eARC ; WiSA Ready
Fine Touches for Added Convenience
Eye Safety
Side USB
Modern Ports
To protect your eyes, proximity sensors dim the lasers when something gets too close. Also, a great way to keep small children from touching the laser console.
Convenient side-access USB port for connecting media drives or other USB devices without having to dig behind the laser console.
High-speed HDMI, multiple audio outs, built-in TV tuner, LAN, and USB 3.0 to connect all your devices.
Android TV.
A Smart TV Platform.
android tv
Android TV
Bring great content to the biggest screen in your home. With a super clean and "easy to use" interface, you can install apps from the Google Play Store, stream content from your favorite streaming services, and even use Chromecast to mirror your phone or tablet directly to the big screen.
hey google feature
Works with Hey Google
The elegant voice remote works with Hey Google so you can use your voice to quickly navigate to your favorite content, change the volume, search YouTube, and many other shortcuts so you spend less time button mashing and more time enjoying your content.
Smart Home Ready
Buit-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Google Assistant, Works with Alexa, and Control4 compatible, the L9G integrates with your smart home ecosystem, so you can create automations to your heart’s content.
Filmmaker Mode
Like auto-tune for picture calibration, Filmmaker Mode automatically adjusts picture settings to get content looking the way the movie-makers intended.
Game Mode
Fulfill that childhood dream of gaming on a massive movie screen. Hook up your gaming console or PC and get smooth motion and a beautiful picture, at a scale that'll make you smile. Laser TV is fun for solo play and even better with split-screen multiplayer.

Awards and Accolades

Projector Reviews Value Electronics Projector Central Cedia Projector Screen
The best UST for gaming I've tried so far.

Mark Henninger,

We have reviewed several good Laser TVs, but the L9G is arguably the best.

Phil Jones,

The screen needs to be part of the UST experience, and the inclusion of a high-quality, easily adjustable screen sets the Hisense apart.

Mark Henninger,

The color that this projector produces are just stunning.

Phil Jones,

I saw extremely rich colors and excellent rendering of fine gradation at all brightness levels, and no notion of the tonality being out of balance. It's an impressive feat of dynamic contrast picture processing that allows the L9G to rise to the top of its class.

Mark Henninger,

Quite possibly, the best-designed Laser TV that I've reviewed in the last two years.

Phil Jones,

A superior overall performer to the existing, competing triple laser offerings from LG and Samsung, and one of the best premium UST projectors you can buy today.

Mark Henninger,

The L9G has the sheer horsepower (brightness) needed to be a TV in a bright room and the torque (contrast and color) to look great calibrated and in a darker setting, showing high-quality SDR content. It's a real master of both trades.

Mark Henninger,

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a TV or a projector?
The L9G is a laser projector that comes paired with a projection screen. It's not an emissive TV like LED/LCD or OLED – rather, it's a new category of TV – high-brightness, ultra-short throw projection TV. When you want the biggest screen possible without breaking the bank, Laser TV is an excellent option.
Can I use this in a bright room?
Yes. With high brightness output from the laser projector and a screen built to reject ambient light and boost image contrast, Laser TV is very serviceable in a well-lit room. Picture quality improves significantly with lighting control, but by no means must Laser TV be viewed in a pitch-black room.
How far from the wall does the Laser Console have to sit?
For the 100" model, the back of the Laser Console is positioned about 11 inches from the wall. For the 120" model it's a little over 13 inches from the wall.
How is the screen packaged?
Laser TV screens ship unassembled, in a flat-pack box.
What type of screen should I choose?
That depends on the space where you'll place the product. If you intend on using Laser TV in a room with lots of windows and high ceilings, then the ALR Daylight Screen will give you that extra boost in brightness to make content pop during daytime viewing. If your intention is to place the Laser TV in a light controlled media room, then the ALR Cinema Screen, with its extremely good reflection control, will be the better choice.
Can the projected image size be changed?
The projection size changes based on the distance the projector is placed from the wall. The 100" and 120" models are specifically tuned for these projection sizes and paired with screens designed to get the best picture quality possible. Casting a larger or smaller image is certainly possible but there is no manual focus capability.
Can I use the Laser Console on a plain wall, without the screen?
Absolutely, but the magic of daylight visibility by using Ambient Light Rejecting screen material will be lost. If you only ever plan to watch the Laser TV in a pitch-black room, then projecting to the wall will look good, but not nearly as good as it would with the perfectly paired ALR screen.
How difficult is the screen assembly and mounting process?
Laser TV screens come flat-packed and require assembly. Expect 2 people to take 1-2 hours to build the screen. The screen mounts to the wall using the included mounting brackets. Take your time and following the step-by-step installation guide and you'll find that it's not particularly difficult.

Now, here's the technical bit...

100" TriChroma Laser TV - Daylight Screen | 100L9G-DLT100B

Actual Screen Size (measured diagonally) "
Screen type
Ambient Light Rejection
100" class
Screen Package Dimensions
96.7” x 59.8” x 8.3”
Type of TV
Smart TV
Yes, Android
Google Assistant built-in
Works with Alexa
App Store
Yes (Google Play App Store)
Picture Quality
Screen resolution
4K upscaling
Refresh rate
60 Hz
Dynamic contrast
Brightness Level
3000 Lumens (Typical for optimal brightness)
Resolution type
Yes, HDR10, HLG
Color Space
107% BT.2020
Light source
Red + Green + Blue Laser
Light Source Lifetime
25,000+ hours
Eye Protection (Laser Auto Turn Off when someone is close by)
Throw Ratio
0.47” DMD
Viewing Angle
ALR Type
Audio output power (watts)
40W (Stereo)
Audio technologies
Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital
Power consumption
Standby consumption
Power supply
AC 120V, 60Hz
Wireless built-in
Yes, 802.11 a/b/g/n//ac (2x2)
Bluetooth ®
Ethernet (LAN)
RF antenna
Digital audio output
1 Optical
Earphone/audio output
Other Features
Noise reduction
Parental control
Closed caption
Sleep timer
2-year warranty
Surround Sound
Yes, Voice Remote
Quick Start Guide and/or User Manual
Quick Start Guide in the box, (User Manual available online)
Power Cord
Product Dimensions
Laser TV Console Dimensions
24" x 6.1" x 13.6"
Laser TV Console Weight
24.7 lbs
100" TriChroma Laser TV - Daylight Screen
Model: 100L9G-DLT100B
100" TriChroma Laser TV - Daylight Screen

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