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You want a bigger TV.
Ours go all the way up to 120 inches.
Because bigger is better

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65-inch TVs

Big screens with
the big features
you expect.


75-inch TVs

Bigger screens
and our most
advanced tech.


120-inch TV

Bring the theatre
home with this true
cinema screen.

Big screens,
not big bucks.

We’re big time on big screens. Bringing you a big choice of TVs with 65 and 75-inch screens. They’re big on tech too, with 4K ULED and Quantum Dot Color. Making them not just bigger but better. And without costing big bucks. Then if you want togo really big, there’s our L5F laser TV, with a massive 120-inch screen. Now that’s big.

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smoother pictures

Our 65 and 75-inch ULED Series TVsare big screens with big features. Like 4K ULED. Technology that continually adjusts color, contrast, brightness, motion… So, you’ll always see the best possible picture. No wonder these are the TVs your old TV is worried about.

4K Ultra-Short Throw LASER Cinema

A cinema screen
for your home

Place the L5F just 35 cm (13.8") from the wall and it delivers a massive 120-inch display. It’s the whole package too, with powerful built-in speakers, Android TV platform, web browser and TV tuner.

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big screen TV

We make it simple to find the right big screen TV for you. Take a look at our options and enjoy a bigger screen with better tech.


You want a TV that’s better than your old TV.
You want a Hisense big screen TV.

L5F 120
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