40" FHD Hisense Roku TV


40" FHD Hisense Roku TV

More than a Smart TV - a better TV

Fast & Easy Search: A Search Party

Enjoy fast and easy Universal Search that discovers content far and wide then displays it all in one place. Name a title, actor or director to find movies and shows featuring their work. That's ask the H4 needs to tell you where to watch - including on-demand or live TV. It's just as fun as it sounds.

Motion Rate 120

Don't struggle to keep your eye on the ball - enjoy fast-paced sports, movies and gaming without the lag. Featuring Motion Rate image processing technology, the H4 keeps the thrills coming by making it easy to follow fast-moving action.

Auto Low Latency Game Mode

Enjoy a better gaming experience. In Game Mode, input lag is significantly improved, so your commands from the controller are virtually instantaneous on the screen.

Simple Remote

It has everything you need to control your TV, including one-touch access to popular streaming channels.

A Perfect Fit For Any Smart Home

Now, here's thetechnical bit…

Below, you’ll find all the technical details, such as dimension etc.

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