Get a US $20 Google Play card with a purchase of either a Hisense Android TV 50H8F or 55H8F televisions from BJ's Wholesale Club.

Get a US $30 Google Play card with a purchase of a Hisense Android TV 65H8F television from  BJ's Wholesale Club.

See Offer Claim Form below.

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Offer valid for:
Purchases of Hisense Android TV 50H8F, 55H8F, or 65H8F series from BJ's Wholesale Club before December 31, 2019.

How to redeem your Google Play card:

1. Purchase a Hisense Android TV 50H8F, 55H8F or 65H8F series TV from BJ's wholesale within US before December 31, 2019.

2. Gift card value is US $20 for purchase of a Hisense Android TV 50H8F/55H8F and US $30 for a Hisense Android TV 65H8F - while supplies last.

3. Visit https://www.hisense-usa.com/h8f-promo to access the online Offer Claim Form.

4. Complete and submit the Offer Claim Form, upload a copy of receipt for your qualifying product and all other required documentation prior to January 312020. 

5. By filling in the claim form below, you have read and agreed to the following
Terms and Conditions.

Offer Claim Form

* please retain your proof of purchase as it will be needed for any warranty claims or after-purchase technical support


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