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9.0 cu.ft.
dual zone chest freezer

rock-solid warranty

Don’t you worry your pretty head. Download a users manual to read our awesome warranty.

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i’m a singular freezer (with dual zones)

Food storage just got a whole lot easier with the dual zone chest freezer. The main 6.7-cu.ft. compartment is for deep freezing, just like a conventional chest freezer. But, the smaller 2.3-cu.ft. convertible compartment is user-controllable, ranging from 21° to 50° F—great for beverages, thawing, soft-freezing ice cream, meat or fish, chilling fruit and vegetables, cooling extra beverages, or anything in between.

FD90D6AWD cooler compartment

dual zones for maximum flexibility

The main compartment is for deep freezing, but the smaller convertible compartment can be set from a chilly 21° F to a more refrigerator-ey 50° F.

FD90D6AWD adjustable temperature

electronic thermostat control display

Precise temperature control keeps food at the perfect temperature. Rock steady.

FD90D6AWD wire basket

removable wire baskets

Two removable wire baskets give you easy access to your favorite treats. Fill one with frozen burritos and the other with … more frozen burritos.

spec me out

  1. 9.0 cubic feet: Generous capacity.
  2. dual temperature zones: Two independently cooled zones for maximum flexibility.
FD90D6AWD tech drawing
Model number


Total-capacity (cu.ft.)
9.0 cu.ft.
Voltage / frequency (Hz)


Product dimensions
44.1"W x 23.7"D x 33.6"H
Net weight
110 lbs
Shipping dimensions
45.7"W x 25.0"D x 35.0"H


2 wire baskets
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